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Sparks the Rescue
Take one mic-swinging vocalist who throws himself to the floor, the crowd, the walls and into his band mates; add two guitarists providing vocals and an insane amount of movem ...

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Charlie O'Neal
Charlie O’Neal is widely considered one of the best guitarists in Boston. In just a short period of time, his band The Delta Generatorshave achieved a tremendous following and ...

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The setting is your typical California day; the type you see on TV all the time.  The sun, the cars, the people and the sand leading to the famous Santa Monica Boulevard ...

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In this day in age there are very few bands that have the components to set themselves apart from other artists and also cut through in a lasting fashion the cluttered channel ...

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Chef of the Pasture
We work with a lot of unique artists here at Cakewalk; young hip-hoppers, Rock Gods, Grammy award-winning producers, techno-wizards and DJs, but our cutting edge music product ...

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Tim Wynn
Timothy Michael Wynn is an award-winning film, television and video game composer from southern California. After graduating the University of Southern California’s School of ...

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