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Comic Book Heroes
After starting a band at 11 years old and with hundreds of shows from coast to coast under their belts, Comic Book Heroes is finding national success on their own terms. This ...

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Joe Stokes
Joe Stokes specializes in Post Production Sound and Video Editing. He worked for several years in theater as a production manager, in corporate television as a producer and la ...

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Sun Studio
James Lott and Matt Ross-Spang, engineers at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, choose SONAR and the V-Studio 700 as their go-to production tools. In its heyday, ...

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Chuck Carr
Producer and Songwriter for video games, Chuck Carr, uses SONAR to compose many of his projects. Check out the video below where Chuck uses the brand new VX-64 Vocal Strip (in ...

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Cori Yarckin
If you own SONAR X1 Producer you have probably loaded up the project “Floating” by Cori Yarckin. ...

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Sean Murray
Being projected as one of the biggest selling pieces of media in history is a pretty big deal, especially considering the state of the economy. On November 9th 2010, Call ...

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