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Jorge Corante
Jorge Corante’s ability to deliver complete songs virtually overnight has earned him the trust of Hollywood’s top music supervisors as he juggles a demanding schedule that som ...

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Chef of the Pasture
We work with a lot of unique artists here at Cakewalk; young hip-hoppers, Rock Gods, Grammy award-winning producers, techno-wizards and DJs, but our cutting edge music product ...

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Carmen Rizzo
This Los Angeles-based producer, DJ, record label owner, and radio show host is a rapidly-rising global brand, sought after for his wide range of skills that have earned him t ...

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Hollywood Undead
Hailing from a city that literally chews people up and spits them out, L.A.’s Hollywood Undead has managed to prove themselves beyond reasonable doubt; and on multiple levels. ...

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Shawn Clement
It’s a safe bet that if you’ve watched television or seen a movie in the past 10 years, you’ve heard Shawn Clement’s work. The award-winning composer has left his musical mark ...

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Joe Stokes
Joe Stokes specializes in Post Production Sound and Video Editing. He worked for several years in theater as a production manager, in corporate television as a producer and la ...

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