Cakewalk DAW Labs: The Best Computers for Recording and Editing Digital Audio

Purchase a Digital Audio Workstation designed specfically for audio production from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. All models are tested and approved by Cakewalk Tech Support. These machines are ready to rock out of the box. Our reviews include reccommendations to help you pick out the best computer for recording digital audio, editing audio, live performance or mobile recording.

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Cakewalk's guide for building your own PC for digital audio, or for updating your existing PC.  Not sure what type of RAM you need?  Which processor (CPU) will you get the most bang for your buck?

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Quickly compare the features of a number of different audio cards, making your hardware decision that much easier. You can also explore audio hardware solutions from Cakewalk.

Audio Hardware Guide | Cakewalk Audio & MIDI Interfaces | Cakewalk Monitors
Cakewalk Professional Production Products

Learn more about the DAW Labs certification process, what it takes for a computer to get approved and how to get your companies DAW's approved.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to the most common issues that arise when building or buying a new PC for digital audio.


Ever wonder what computers Cakewalk uses?  Check out what equipment we have used for past trade shows.

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