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Latest Knowledge Base Additions
Date Added Title
3/17/2014 SONAR X3e Update
1/9/2014 Session Drummer 3 is not being recognized by SONAR X3
12/26/2013 POD Farm Plug-in does not process in stereo in SONAR X3
12/12/2013 SONAR X3d Launch Error for Missing MF.dll
12/12/2013 SONAR X3d - Switching between Media Foundation and DirectShow Video Engines
12/12/2013 SONAR X3d Update
11/22/2013 Music Creator 6 Touch Steam Installer Updates
11/22/2013 Z3ta+2 Steam Installer Updates
11/4/2013 SONAR Quick Tip: Draw Plug-in Automation With SONAR X2's Pattern Tools
11/4/2013 SONAR Quick Tip: Creating Industrial/Mangled Drums With Session Drummer 3
11/4/2013 Did You Know Z3TA+ 2 Can Enhance Your Drum Sequences?
11/4/2013 Using Garritan in SONAR X2
11/4/2013 The Distance Effect: How to Make Audio Sound Far Away Using Reverb
11/4/2013 How to Make Your Kick and Snare Sound More Aggressive Using Compression
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Focus the Low End of Your Kick and Snare with a Program EQ
11/4/2013 Hidden Gem: The Blue Tubes Stereo Imager [SONAR X3 Studio & Producer]
11/4/2013 SONAR X3: Exploring Your New EQs
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Workflow Tip: Organize with Color Customization
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Setting up your Addictive Drums
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Easy Audio to MIDI Conversion
11/4/2013 Did you know that Bifilter2 is a Sound Designer's Dream?
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Gating Unwanted Noise Using the New Logical Gate/Expander GX622
11/4/2013 EDM Production Tip: Ducking Synth Melodies Using Sidechaining
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Drum Replacement With ARA Integration and Addictive Drums (Producer)
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Make your Vocals Thicker (Studio & Producer)
11/4/2013 SONAR X3 Quick Tip: Slam your Tracks with the Tape Emulation Module (Producer)
11/4/2013 Did you know SONAR X3 comes with a Dual Phaser and Chorus?
10/28/2013 Quick Tip: Customizing Z3TA+ 2'S Stock Set Of Arpeggios
10/28/2013 SONAR X3c Update
10/9/2013 Installing XLN Audio Addictive Drums On An Offline Computer
10/9/2013 How To Resolve a Continuous VST Scan Loop
10/9/2013 Mixing Waves VST2 and VST3 Plugins Not Supported
10/9/2013 How to View All Installed Plug-ins in SONAR
10/3/2013 SONAR X3b Update
10/2/2013 SONAR X3 Demo (Javier Colon & Jimmy Landry - These Arms)
9/29/2013 SONAR X3 Reference, User and Quick Start Guides
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 - Full VST Rescan Recommended for Upgraders
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 - Quitting the Melodyne Essential Installer May Cause ARA To Not Detect It
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 - VST3 version of Melodyne is required for ARA integration
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 - The Disc and ESD installers contain different versions
9/27/2013 The Fault Reporter Prompts for .NET installation on Windows 8
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 Installer does not contain the SurCode Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II Encoder Trials
9/27/2013 SONAR X3 Download Installation Instructions
7/19/2013 10 Tips For the Aspiring Mix Engineer
7/19/2013 Setting up Music Creator 6 Touch to Record Audio
7/19/2013 Setting up Music Creator 6 Touch to Record MIDI
7/2/2013 10 Microphone Placement Techniques for Acoustic Guitar
6/12/2013 BREVERB SONAR - "2013: A Space Design Odyssey"
6/5/2013 TH2 is Your New Pedalboard
5/28/2013 To Reduce or to Boost, That is the Question - Subtractive Equalization
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